Airport Business Center

The West Michigan Airport Authority held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 13, 2016, to celebrate a new 7,500 square feet Airport Business Center and Aircraft Apron project. The $6,815,380 occurred over a one-year period with support from the State of Michigan ($3,101.430); Federal Aviation Administration ($2,372,885); Airport Authority ($773,450); and from Private Donations ($557,615).


  • 7,500 square feet. The former office building was less than 2,000 square feet.
  • Beautiful lobby and reception area furnished by Herman Miller.
  • Main conference room furnished by Haworth, including glass walls.
  • Pilot’s lounge furnished by Haworth, including glass walls.
  • East conference room furnished by Herman Miller.
  • Airport Authority staff work areas furnished by Herman Miller.
  • FBO line service and charter offices furnished by Herman Miller.
  • FBO other offices furnished by Haworth, including glass walls.
  • Windows along the south and west side of the building have the Pleotint glass.
  • Contractor for the building: CL Construction of Holland.
  • Contractor for apron and site work: Millbocker & Sons.


  • Total cost: $6.8 million
  • Airport Business Center: $2.5 million
  • Remainder of cost relates to apron, site work, property acquisition, environmental, etc.


  • Federal Aviation Administration: $2,372,885 (35%)
  • MDOT/Aeronautics: $1.8 million (26%)
  • Michigan Economic Development Corporation: $1,300,000 (19%)
  • Private contributions (including furniture): $567,615 (8%)
  • Airport Authority savings over the years: $773,450 (11%)
  • The project has been constructed without debt obligations.


  • Snowmelt installed in the sidewalk leading from the parking lot to the front entrance; and in the stairs and ramp leading from the apron to the airside doors. The cost for this system ($180,000) was funded by the Prince and DeVos families.

Conference rooms have already been used by air travelers and community organizations.