Over $2 million in grants and grant commitments in FY15

  • $300,000 Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grant sought and received in combination with Holland Charter Township for enhanced Windmill Island Gardens access.


  • $200,000 grant for South Shore Commercial Area Redevelopment was awarded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.


  • $500,000 grant from Storm Water Asset Management from Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).


  • $40,000 Community Foundation Holland/Zeeland grant for DeGraff Nature Center Expansion for enhanced regional tourism.


  • $20,000 Community Foundation Holland/Zeeland grant for DeZwaan Windmill Repair


  • $140,000 in two grants from Community Foundation Holland/Zeeland and the Funders’ grant for Sustainable and Livable Communities for a Holland/Hope College Sustainability Institute formation and long-term improved quality of life.


  • $824,000 conditional commitment (pending – to be formally announced early in 2015).