Civic Center Place

The future of the Holland Civic Place Improvements Project was solidified at the July 6, 2016 Holland City Council meeting. Through public funding and private donations the Civic Center Place Improvements Project is coming to fruition at this time. City Council voted: Final Funding Scope for Taxpayer Investment via a Fiscal Year 2017 budget Amendment. (up to $16.5 million total of which $8.5 million will be supported by taxpayer investments and a bond amount of $10 million). The Resolution has been set with the scope that the City will proceed with Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds to fund the public portion of the project at less than 1% interest.

The Civic Center Place Improvement Project continues to work with the West 8th Street Development to extend Downtown’s march to the waterfront which will provide an aesthetic and functional venue for Holland. A $2 million dollar lead donation from James P. and Eileen Herringa kicked off the Civic Center Improvement Project. From there, The City of Holland initiated a multi-stakeholder, comprehensive design review process in October 2015. Since then there has been numerous public meetings, interviews, presentations and workshops that have engaged nearly 3,000 participants. A recent announcement by the Haworth Corp brings in additional private funds to the project.

The Civic Center Place Process:

City Council and staff studied the options to improve the Civic Center since 1985. A major step forward was made in July 2015 when a $2 million donation was accepted from James P. and Eileen Heeringa in honor of George and Lucile Heeringa.

The City Council subsequently approved a contract with Edgewater Resources, LLC. for conceptual design services. This design was completed in March 2016 at a cost of $193,780.

On May 4, 2016, the City Council approved a placeholder budget of $11 million dollars of potential expenditures associated with the Civic Center Place project.

On July 6, 2016, City Council adopted a resolution determining that it is necessary and appropriate to proceed with the Civic Center Place Project to renovate, repair, and enlarge the Civic Center facility for up to $16,500,000; and authorized the City Manager to proceed with submitting final construction plans and submitting appropriate construction management.

On October 19, 2016, City Council authorized the City Manager to direct the Design Team to focus on updating the building itself and opted to keep a two-story glass façade as part of the plans and delayed the site work until later.

On November 2, 2016, City Council approved the financing for a $12.75 million renovation project that will expand the building’s square footage, give it a new façade, and improve the function of the facility by issuing $10 Million in low-interest Qualified Energy Conservation in bonds for the building and $3.5 Million of these low-interest bonds for the City’s snowmelt connections to the building.