Delivery of new Fire Truck

In August, Holland’s Fire Department received a delivery of a new fire and rescue vehicle that’s equipped for nearly every emergency situation. Formally called a Rescue Pumper, this multipurpose vehicle is equipped with many cutting edge features. Loaded in the Rescue Pumper is vehicle extrication equipment (Jaws of Life), a full complement of firefighting equipment including ground ladders, and an extra-large medical compartment needed for keeping medical supplies clean and warm. The Rescue Pumper has “pump and roll” capabilities that allow it to pump water without being stationary like most rescue vehicles. It is capable of pumping a minimum of 1500 gallons of water per minute. Not only is the Rescue Pumper equipped with the latest life-saving features, but it also boasts new engine technology designed to significantly reduce exhaust emissions. This vehicle was built in Appleton, Wisconsin by Pierce Manufacturing and cost $575,000.  It is housed in the Kollen Park Fire Station.