Fire Services

Replacement of the Fire Marshall Position – The position had been vacant for nearly two years and this year Bret Groendyke was appointed to serve as the Fire Marshal for the Department. Bret is a 5-year veteran of the Department and has over 15 years of experience in fire, EMS and fire prevention. He is a National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Fire Inspector 1, NFPA Certified Plans Examiner and also serves the Department’s EMS instructor Coordinator.

This position provides leadership and direction for fire prevention activities of the department as well as investigations of fires. Prevention activities include, plans review of new structures, public education, enforcement of fire codes and origin and overseeing community involvement activities in which the department is involved.

Kevin Thole was appointed as the Training & Safety Officer in early 2018. This position was restored after being dissolved through attrition approximately 10 years ago. Kevin is a 5-year veteran of the Department and has over 18 years of fire and EMS experience. He is a certified Michigan Fire Instructor 1. ​Kevin now leads the Department’s training program and serves as the Safety Officer on fire and emergency incidents.

Training plays a direct role in shaping outcomes for residents and visitors as well. This leads to better performance of fire personnel while they engage in their duties in either fire or EMS responses. Better performance leads to better outcomes. This has a direct impact on the safety of residents and our firefighters.